As marketers, keeping our fingers on the pulse of the consumer’s mindset and changing motivations is critical.  Here are the insights shared by a panel assembled by Indagare, a luxury travel agency last week.   While applied to travel, could also be just as relevant for winery tasting rooms and those that rely on wine tourism.

Travel with purpose

Travelers are looking for meaningful experiences where they can come away with learnings and memories.  Brands with experiences that can serve a greater purpose will be attractive to luxury travelers.


Privacy is highly valued.  There is a new level of discretion for the luxury traveler who is not boasting about where they are going on social media.

Era of self-centered travel

When we think of relaxation during travel the first thing that generally comes to mind is spa treatments.  The new traveler looks also to nature, meditation, space and time outdoors for relaxation.  The new era of “self-centered travel” is upon us.  They are now looking to return from trips re-energized by a broad range of experiences.

New sense of urgency

2020 has brought on a sense of urgency for travelers to commit to going to bucket list destinations.  People want to make up for lost time and missed celebrations.  These travelers understand how to travel safely and will be prioritizing destinations by on their bucket lists.  They are making commitments now or in the near future.


Luxury brands need to address how different consumers have come away from this year with diverse views and levels of trust and concern around being out in public.  Being able to deliver a custom experience is critical.  Learning about guests needs is critical to making their experience comfortable and deliver on a high level of expectations.

Connection and disconnection

Reconnecting with people and nature is a big motivator of travel.  Disconnecting from screens is the other.  Activities and experiences that get people away from their devices and enjoying the moment is important to understanding what they are seeking, and what will satisfy this traveler.

Slower travel

We’ve all been to Europe and tried to cram in as much as possible into a trip.  Today’s luxury travelers want to savor the moment and slow down. It is no longer about a check list of sights, but valued experiences.


For the most part airlines and hoteliers are understanding this an offering no fee changes and cancellations.  They luxury traveler always demanded maximum flexibility and we can expect to see this continue with last-minute long-haul trips, less lead times and more spontaneity.