I’m Mindy Nicol

Your Co-Host

I’ve been in front of customers since beginning my career more than 20 years ago.  My adventure started when I was a travel wholesaler, taking bookings from travel agents and selling travel on the phone.  Those were the days when we had travel agents and travel was sold through wholesalers!  This led to marketing and branding for Tourism New Zealand based in Los Angeles, followed by working in New York managing marketing for a travel deals company. I spent the first decade of my career immersed in travel.

The name Sugarfly actually dates back to 2010 when I quit a six-figure job and launched my own consultancy in New York City. As a lone hustler in Manhattan, I built the company from the ground up serving clients from the startup world, to travel and wine.

Fast forward to 2013, I left the East Coast bound for the Napa Valley. I completed the industry’s coveted Diploma of Wine & Spirits in San Francisco.  The Diploma itself took me five years, but the best part was making the choice not just to study text books, but travel the world both personally and professionally to “study wine”. I learned no better lessons than walking the vineyards with winemakers getting by with the best French or Italian I could muster.

During my travels I saw first-hand what luxury and boutique properties do to create guest experiences and get repeat visits.  At that time Sugarfly had emerged in California as a consulting service to some of the world’s finest wine brands.  I hit the jackpot after finally working with Opus One, a career highlight. It suited me personally and professionally.

  I began my love for real estate in 2016.   I renovated and sold a property that afforded me the ability to invest in my own short-term rentals.  I decided to relocate to Florida and immerse myself in real estate full time, as an agent, investor and short-term rental host.  (You can ask me why I left wine for real estate later. It is a question I get all the time!)

Now in its third reincarnation, Sugarfly merges decades of expertise in guest experiences, hospitality, sales and marketing into the short-term rentals space.

Over the past two years I have launched two short term rentals and also completed two major rehab projects in St Augustine, Florida.  As a licensed Realtor, I have helped clients to buy and sell, handled numerous inspections, walk throughs and showings of property, particularly short-term rentals. I have seen it all.

It has been a journey, but this unique blend of experiences culminates in the new evolution of Sugarfly.

The name comes from a combination of the words butterfly and sugar; butterfly represents transformation and sugar as we know, makes everything even better.

I strive to help investors thrive in the short term rental world.  It has become such a competitive space.  Outstanding and high quality guest experiences will continue to drive bookings and enable investors to build long term wealth.

It is an honor to work with clients who trust me to work on their businesses and take it to the next level.  I hope you’ll be next!