PROJECT: Brand strategy, Package redesign, Website redesign

Sean Minor Wines have a highly successful business producing wines that hit the pricing “sweet spot” for three-tier distribution.  Since 2005, they have been producing wines from appellations around California and marketing them nationally.  Currently in 49 states, Sean Minor wanted to increase case sales and strengthen their awareness within their target market.

We began by talking to all levels of the sales channel about their wines and developing a brand strategy that resulted in informing new packaging for an entry-level and higher end tier.  Alongside Pembroke Studios we developed a new brand identity including tag line, color palette, new capsules and labels.

At that point, it was time to begin a creative and content strategy for their new website.  The website had to really resonate with their customer, be mobile friendly and work to slowly build their direct to consumer business.  It also needed to have the right content for distributors and retailers.  We worked with photographer Caitlin McCaffrey to produce images and video that would captivate and create memorable experiences online.  The website was launched in 2017.  Along with their new packaging, their sales took off, and the website continues to evolve.

CREDITS: Sugarfly Inc. | Design by Pembroke Studios | Photography by Caitlin McCaffrey | Development by Wine Works