PROJECT:  New website, Customer research study, Business recommendations

In 2016 we began work with Costeaux French Bakery on a new website.  They wanted a site that could help customers place orders, encourage inquiries for events and make designing custom cakes easier.

We worked with ownership understand what the current site was lacking, where the future of the business was going, and devised how the website could support that.  We initiated a photoshoot with photographer Caitlin McCaffrey.  We assisted with creative strategy on the photography, website copy and final image selection.

Sugarfly was also asked to do a deep dive on customer perception on the bakery, both at the Healdsburg café as well as other locations such as Big John’s.  We embarked on a study involving customer focus groups and surveys.  Our report included major findings and recommendations that would increase the customer satisfaction and allow the business to make décor and design decisions to streamline the café experience.

CREDITS: Sugarfly Inc. | Design by Pembroke Studios | Photography by Caitlin McCaffrey | Development by Wine Works